Treatments in 1930

The February 15 1930 Toronto Globe had a couple of ads for medical procedures that looked interesting to me (the ads, that is, not the medical procedures).

Here’s a simple and to-the-point ad:


The 1930 Toronto city directory lists Norman W. Edwards as a “chiro”, which could have meant either chiropractor or chiropodist (foot doctor). The city directories may have gotten confused on this: the 1933 directory listed him as a physiotherapist and chiropodist, at the same address, but the 1934 directory listed him as a chiropractor.

He might have passed on in 1935 – the names section of the directory lists “N W Edwards” at his home address, but the streets section has someone else at the address. The 1936 directory lists a Mrs. Norman Edwards as a maid at the Royal York Hotel.

The other ad that I found was an ad from the Hiscott Institute for removing unwanted facial hair:


I wonder what would have happened if you had written away for Booklet “A” or “B” instead of Booklet “C”?

The Hiscott Institute first makes its appearance (as far as I could tell) in the 1908 city directory, where they were listed as the “Hiscott (Late Graham) Dermatological Institute”, run by people named Moote, High, and Scott (the “Hiscott” was presumably an amalgamation of the last two names). They appear to have been among the first occupants of 61 College Street, which was not far away from the Hospital for Sick Children.

The Hiscott Institute was easy to find in the Toronto city directory in subsequent years, as they took out a bold-face listing in every directory I looked at from 1931 to 1945. They were also in the 1950 directory at this address, but no longer in bold-face. By 1953, they were under new management; by 1955, they were under new management again; by 1958, they were gone. The building is gone too – there is now a more modern building at that location.

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