Society page, 1939

When looking at old newspapers, I’m always fascinated by the society page. This was a listing of what various presumably important people were up to.

For example, here’s part of the society page from the March 20, 1939 Toronto Globe:


For instance, I guess it was important for some people to know that Mrs. G. Ernest Forbes was in Vancouver. (I couldn’t find anything on G. Ernest Forbes in Google, by the way.)

Because the Toronto city directories allow me to do a sort of retro snooping, I looked up people in this society page whose addresses were listed:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Tindale were not at 1 Heathdale Road for long – I couldn’t find them in the 1938, 1939, or 1941 city directories. The 1940 directory is missing – maybe they were there then before moving elsewhere.
  • I couldn’t find 970 Avenue Road at all in the 1939 directory, but Ralph G. Henderson is listed there in 1941. Cross-referencing to his name shows him as working as a salesman for the firm of Collier, Norris & Henderson; I guess he was the Henderson. He’s not listed in the 1942 directory; he probably went off to war, as he is in the 1946 directory as the manager of Collier, Norris and Quinlan, Limited. I guess he lost his spot on the nameplate when he went away. I didn’t trace him any more after that.

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