Stauffer System

The January 14 1958 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained the following ad:


The Stauffer System was developed by Bernard H. Stauffer, who invented the Induced Rhythmic Motion table in the late 1930s. The idea was that muscles would be stimulated passively through massage.

The Toronto city directories showed that the first Stauffer System salons opened in 1956; these were the Bay Street and Eglinton Avenue locations shown in the ad. The Etobicoke location opened in 1957. The three locations remained in operation through 1962; by 1966, the Bay Street location had closed, and by 1969, only the Etobicoke location was still in business.

Some relevant links that I found:

  • The Stauffer Systems trademark application was filed in 1947 and granted in 1951. The trademark expired in 1992.
  • The University of California website has a picture of Stauffer as he and others opened a Stauffer System salon in his native state of California.
  • Stauffer sued Slenderella Systems of California for patent infringement and lost. In 1957, he appealed the decision, and lost again.
  • By 1968, Stauffer had passed away. Details of his business career can be found in his executrix’s petition to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

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