Men wanted, girls wanted

The January 14 1958 Toronto Daily Star had one ad for men and one ad for women.

First the men, who were invited to become real estate agents:


According to the Toronto city directories, Tops was a relatively new real estate firm: they don’t appear in the 1956 city directory, and appear in the 1957 directory at 1960 Avenue Road.

Men who accepted this offer might not have had the career that they were hoping for, as Tops Real Estate did not appear in the 1960 city directory. Their next door neighbours, the Nazarene Publishing House, had expanded into what had been Tops’s space.

In the same paper, the women, or girls, were invited to become models:


The Walter Thornton agency continued at this location at least until 1969, even though Walter himself had sold his interest in the agency in 1958 and moved to Mexico.

I could find nothing on Bambi Lindon in Google, so she did not achieve fame (if that was what she was hoping for).

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