Someday my prince will come

The photo section of the April 21 1925 Toronto Daily Star contained this picture:


When I read this, I wondered whether Prince Roufat Magometoff-Haliloff was an actual Russian prince. As it turned out, so did other Russian nobles: eventually, Prince Roufat admitted that he wasn’t an actual prince but was, in reality, a Bey. It was not clear what a Bey was or whether he really was one, but it was harder to challenge.

Ms. Arnold apparently wasn’t convinced either: in 1927, the Ogden Standard Examiner reported that Ms. Arnold had annulled her marriage. The newspaper article claimed – fairly or not – that she had “got rid of him as expeditiously and matter-of-factly as if his name were Smith and he got his start in life peddling fish”.

Searches for Roufat Magometoff-Haliloff and Delight Potter Arnold (the Star had her name wrong) turned up nothing else, so I have no idea who he really was or what happened to either of them. Perhaps his name really was Smith.

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