Way Sagless Spring

The September 19 1925 edition of the Toronto Globe contained this ad for a bedspring:


I tend to want to read the firm’s name in the voice of a stoned surfer dude: “This spring is way sagless.”

I looked up the Way Sagless Spring Company in the Toronto city directories, because why not. Here’s what I found:

  • The firm doesn’t appear in the 1925 directory; its first appearance is in 1926. So the company had just moved into the Toronto market when this ad came out. (They were also in the United States – see below for more details.)
  • By 1930, they had moved to 48 Abell Street, which is not far from where the Drake Hotel is today. They remained there until at least 1941 (I was checking at about five-year intervals). In 1941, the firm was doing well enough to purchase a bold-face larger-print entry in the city directory.
  • By 1946, they had moved to 81 Riverside Drive in Swansea, and there was a Way Sagless Lunch Bar (!!) at the same location. By 1951, the lunch bar was gone. The firm remained there until at least 1956.
  • In 1961, they were at 11 Kingsway South in Swansea.
  • By 1965, they were gone.

A Google search for Way Sagless Spring Company turned up references to older ads, mostly in Minneapolis, where the company was originally from. (Popular Science has a link to a somewhat creepy-looking Way Sagless Spring ad from 1917; it’s clearly the same illustration.) There is also an old ghost sign for Way Sagless Springs in Brooklyn.

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