Save that man! Save that woman!

Daily newspapers used to have a page devoted to ads for churches and visiting preachers. Here’s one from the September 2 1922 Toronto Daily Star that stood out:


A Google search for Byron Stauffer turned up a number of things:

  • In 1910, he wrote Your Mother’s Apron Strings, a series of talks to young men.
  • In 1912, he delivered a sermon entitled “The Titanic Disaster and The Spirit of the Master”.
  • In 1915, he gave a speech to the Empire Club titled “Sir John A. Macdonald: Empire Builder”.
  • In 1919, he wrote The Battle Nobody Saw and Other Sermons.

And, sadly, he might not have lived very long after this Massey Hall event:

  • A footnote from this article lists a “Byron E. Stauffer” as having lived from 1870 to 1922. Every other reference I found referred to “Byron H. Stauffer”, so this might have been somebody else.
  • However, I found a reference to Byron H. Stauffer having been born in 1870.
  • This Amazon link lists his birth and death dates as 1870 and 1922.
  • He is listed in the 1922 Toronto city directory, but not in the 1923 city directory.
  • This footnote lists his name and the date “October 26, 1922” – was that when he passed away? I didn’t want to buy the e-book to find out.

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