The August 25 1931 Toronto Daily Star contained this ad for a patent medicine:


I couldn’t find much on Professor R. L. Mulveney’s remedies, except for an image of a Mulveney’s “Mother’s Friend” bottle. Searching the Toronto city directories revealed that Mr. Mulveney started his business somewhere between 1905 and 1910, back when 211 Ossington Avenue was 167 Dundas Street. This address became 211 Ossington Avenue in 1918.

Mr. Mulveney passed away in 1928 or 1929: the 1928 directory listed him at 211 Ossington, but the 1929 directory listed his widow and the name of the firm (“Prof. R. L. Mulveney”), which was now being run by his widow and son. The 1929 and 1930 city directories included an ad for a tapeworm remedy:


A Google search for “Mulveney’s B’Well” indicated that there were newspaper ads for this medicine into the 1950s. The firm stayed in business until at least the 1960s, and the corporation was dissolved in 1976. Today, 211 Ossington houses a store that provides products for dogs.

Mrs. W. O. Banner, who wrote the testimonial that appears in the ad, was actually a real person. Here’s the City Directory listing for 1931 for that stretch of Gerrard Street East:


Since I had the 1941 city directory open, I looked it up too – by then, Mr. Banner had passed away, but his widow still lived at that address.

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