Strathcona Rollerdrome

The February 8 1945 edition of the Toronto Daily Star had an ad for the Strathcona Rollerdrome, offering an evening of rollerskating for 35 cents:


I couldn’t find any pictures of the rollerdrome; at least one Facebook user has a request out there for photos, and couldn’t find any either.

The Toronto city directories tell me that the Strathcona Club opened on Christie Street in 1935, replacing the Oakwood Bowling Club at that location. (The original street address was 584 Christie Street.) A second branch of the rink opened at the Palace Pier in June 1941, possibly on June 10 or on June 18. This second branch lasted only until 1943.

The Christie Street club last appeared in the 1956 Toronto city directory (though, ominously, its phone numbers were no longer listed). By 1957, it was gone. There is now a high-rise building at that site.

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