Old shoe man retires

The December 12 1924 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this advertisement:


Out of curiosity, I decided to search the Toronto city directories to see how long Mr. McCullough had been in business. It turned out that he had moved into his 866 College Street location in 1911, which is approximately when the building was built; there is no reference to him anywhere before that. The city directories show him in business at this address until 1926; his business might have lingered on due to want of a buyer, or the city directory might not have been updated until 1927, when this address was shown as vacant.

Mr. McCullough decided not to give up, though – he took over the Glebe Shoe Store, at 1997 Yonge, in 1927. He was still there in 1931, though just under his own name; by 1935, he was listed at his home address only, so he might have retired from the shoe business. I couldn’t find him at all in 1936.

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