Duplicate filler

Old newspapers are so much fun to read because they have so much filler. Editors were obsessed with making sure that there was no missing white space.

The typesetters of the November 12 1919 edition of the Toronto Daily Star must have been in a hurry, or might not have been cross-checking their work, as there were duplicates in that issue.

First, there was this rather sad article, about a young woman who unexpectedly passed away from a blood clot in the brain:


Poor Ms. Collier’s death then appeared as a piece of filler later in the paper:


There was one other duplication in the paper: three separate filler articles about an upcoming lecture at the Allen Theatre.

IMG_1838 (1)

I did a Google search for T. W. Williams and didn’t find anything, so I have no idea whether his lecture was worth hearing.

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