Private diseases

Here’s another medical-related ad from the June 22 1907 Toronto Globe:


If you’re wondering what “gleet” is: it’s a gonorrhea-related watery discharge. (Yuck.) Galvinism (now called electrophysiology) is the stimulation of a muscle using electric current – I don’t know whether it was any use against gleet, but I suspect not.

Dr. Graham had been in business for a while at the time this ad came out: the Toronto city directories list him as having set up shop at 198 King Street West sometime between 1885 and 1890. At the turn of the century, he moved to Clarence Square; the 1900 directory lists his office at King Street and his residence at Clarence Square, but later directories show both his home and residence at the new location. He appears in the 1910 directory but not the 1912 one, which suggests that his career as a physician lasted a bit less than a quarter of a century.

1 Clarence Square is now gone – there is a gas station on the site – but other houses in the square are still standing, and are now nice-looking old houses and businesses.

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