Dine and dance

If you were looking for an evening out on January 4, 1946, the Toronto Daily Star had some options available for you.


Searches of the Toronto city directories showed that the Lobster Restaurant didn’t last long in its location. By 1948, it was gone, replaced by the Saphire Tavern.

The Eaton Auditorium was on the seventh floor of the former Eaton’s College Street store. It opened in 1931. By 1970, it was sealed off, and then was restored in the early 2000s. It is now known as the Carlu.

Horace Lapp (1904-1986) was a dance band leader and one of the last of the original silent film accompanists. Nowadays, his events would be known as, um, Lapp dances. (I’ll show myself out, thank you.)

Ellis McLintock (1921-1997) was a trumpeter and band leader who played for TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s such as Wayne and Shuster.

The Hollywood Hotel was well-known enough in 1946 that they didn’t need to publish their address. It was far enough away that “Bus service every 15 minutes” was a selling point. They weren’t listed under “Hotels” in the 1946 Toronto city directory, so they must have been out of town somewhere.

The only information I could find on Gordie Delamont was here.

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